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Yale for Humanity Campaign

Client / Yale University
Agency / August Jackson
Directors / B Kelley, Brett Mannes, Dan Lawler
Production / bRandom Media
DPs / Justin Derry, Jackson Eagan
Post Supervisor / Kevin Rogers

Over the course of 6 months, bRandom Media produced 28 videos and a stills shoot.  These videos took the form of TED-style talks; live multi-cam panels; documentary; to-audience, VR/360°, and a video produced to be displayed on a 36-foot wide LED wall.

Split into 3 shoots, this project encompassed a great deal of what Yale has to offer, and was overseen by the Office of Development, as well as the teams at August Jackson (

Shot on Arri Alexa Minis, Arri Amiras, Blackmagic Ursa 12k with Optimo Zooms.

Click on image to view video.


Live Panels

New Facilities

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