Production Services

VR/360° | High-Speed

bRandom Media is a full service production company based in New York City. 

Our past clients include VISA, RBC, Jack Daniels, Perrier, TD Bank and Starburst Labs.


Brandon Kelley (Director) is a writer/director whose focus lies in pulling performances from actors.  Brandon has recently directed Michael Torpey (Orange is the New Black, Sneaky Pete) and Sophie Giannamore (The Good Doctor, Transparent).


Brandon’s films have played internationally and garnered a number of awards.


Jon Gestal (Producer) is a New York based line-producer with experience in all facets of production. With a degree in Film Theory, Jon has worked for multiple levels of video production ranging from Emmy-winning Documentary production houses, to small indie films. Jon cut his teeth overseeing a multi-million dollar educational series, where he was quickly snatched up for a full-time producer position within the parent company.  Jon’s past clients include Marriott Hotels, Marsh & McLennan, Pearson Education and Wall Street English.


This past year Jon was the Production Manager on the TV series, Big Dogs.  The series shot for 5 months around the state of New York.  Big Dogs had an estimated budget of over $8 Million.

In addition to our production services, we are pleased to offer specialty camera operation.  Brandon is certified in all professional VR/360° cameras and bRandom Media owns its own 8K VR/360° Camera.


bRandom offers a streamlined workflow for VR/360° productions utilizing our 8K VR/360° camera and edit suite.  We designed our workflow to be flexible, able to adapt to the needs of any client.  We provide the entire pipeline, from pre-production through post.  bRandom uses a custom-designed and hand-built computer to process and stitch our VR/360° footage, significantly reducing the time needed to stitch footage.  Our past clients include VISA, RBC/AVION, ACME AOM, MyRadar, L37, Cake Colutions, Beverly Boy Productions, Stryker Medical and others.