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Production Services
Underwater | VR/360° | High-Speed

B Kelley (Director) is a writer/director whose focus lies in pulling performances from actors.  Their films have played internationally and garnered a number of awards, with The Real Thing gathering 40+million views across the internet an 9 awards from 56 festivals.


As a certified underwater cinematographer, B operates on any camera system.  bRandom Media has 2 underwater housings available.  The first housing offers waterproofing for any build shorter than 19".  This includes ARRI, RED, Blackmagic, Sony, Panasonic, and others.  The other housing is specifically for the Sony Alpha 1 and A7s3 systems.

High Speed

bRandom Media owns a Phantom Flex high-speed camera system, as well as a Weisscam camera system.  The Phantom can film 2,000fps at 2.5K RAW.  The Weisscam can do similar speeds, although at FHD and with an external recorder.  B personally techs both of these cameras.


bRandom offers a streamlined workflow for VR/360° productions utilizing our 8K VR/360° camera and edit suite.  We designed our workflow to be flexible, able to adapt to the needs of any client.  We provide the entire pipeline, from pre-production through post.  bRandom uses a custom-designed and hand-built computer to process and stitch our VR/360° footage, significantly reducing the time needed to stitch footage.  Our past clients include VISA, RBC/AVION, ACME AOM, MyRadar, L37, Cake Colutions, Beverly Boy Productions, Stryker Medical and others.

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